Commercial Hotel

160 Merton Street, Boggabri NSW 2382 Australia

Phone (02) 6743 4371

Publicans Jeff and Kathy Jones

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Drilling Rig

Drilling Rig

Commercial Hotel Street Front

The Commercial Hotel , Merton Street, Boggabri has the reputation of being a comfortable, affordably priced lodging to live and work from in the Gunnedah, Boggabri, Narrabri and Maule’s Creek area. The hotel tailors it’s operation to suit the demanding schedules and late hours which are part and parcel of the mining industry.

Live Stream Entertainment with Austtar, TAB and Sky


Affordable Accommodation

Close to Most Mines in the Area

Comfortable Rooms

Washing Facilities

Recreational Areas

Public Bar

Personalised Service Catering for Shift Work

(Packed Lunches

Late Dinners)